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Why Do I Need a Living Trust?

The benefit of having a living trust is to help ensure that property will be properly administered and held in the name of the willed individual. The 3 main positions covered are beneficiary, grantor and trustee.

Benefits of a Living Will

Even though it may seem as though a living will is the same as a will…it is not. The basic premise of a living will is that in the case that an individual becomes incapacitated or worse, the directives and medical preferences will be passed though a living will.

Creating a Will Online

Nowadays, it seems, less people are creating wills through their lawyers and moving more towards creating wills online using online will creation software.

How to Write your Own Will

This article is a general overview to help individuals desiring to write a living will and more research is necessary in order to cover all of the living will & living trust legalities often involved in such planning.
At the top of the will the individual the will regards will need to be identified.

Living Trust Frequently Asked Questions

Are living trusts right for everyone overall?

When planning your estate is it important to realize that living trusts are not right for everyone. In this section we will discuss the many reasons individuals decide to contibute to a living trust and more.

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